Foldable Motorola Razr: When, where and how to buy the $1,500 phone

CnetThe Motorola Razr is back! It’s still a flip phone, but it’s bigger, has a foldable display and runs Android. There’s also a touchscreen on the front of the phone when it’s closed for you to tap and swipe through notifications or take a quick photo. Even better, the Razr is the most affordable foldable phone from a major brand, priced at $1,500.

The Razr isn’t the first phone with a foldable display we’ve seen this year. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was finally released in September after a lengthy delay just days before it was supposed to launchHuawei’s Mate X is available right now, but only in China.

Motorola gives the Razr a 6.2-inch screen that folds vertically to touch the base, making it easy to slip into your pocket to carry around. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, which puts a large viewing screen above all else, the Razr emphasizes portability. It comes with creature comforts like a fingerprint reader and 128GB of onboard storage. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, the Razr claims to be splash-proof, with a stronger screen. You can read all about what the Motorola Razr is like to use.

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